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Blenheim BPO Consulting

Our story and our vision

We are highly skilled professionals who have over twenty years' experience in the corporate and accounting industry. We have worked with many effective strategies that larger companies implement and always believed that they would be of benefit to smaller-sized companies.


With this in mind, we have started an outsourcing consultancy in order that smaller companies can access these successful strategies to help increase revenue growth and streamline costs.

We are completely flexible with the range of services that we offer and the frequency of how often you might like to use our services; be it monthly ongoing support or
ad-hoc projects. Our highly competitive pricing is completely customised to suit your needs.

We are fluent in both English and Spanish

We are very aware of the economic challenges that smaller-sized businesses face in the current crisis and now more than ever value for money is crucial. We are in a unique position to be able to offer highly competitive pricing because we have a lower cost base.


We provide a free initial consultation to prospective clients. We are passionate about not pressurising our clients with the over-selling of our services.


We want to provide a customised service that is right for your specific needs.

Lights in the Dark
Paper airplane.png

• Outsource business processes
   to a low-cost location but with
   highly-skilled professionals

Access to affordable cost-effective

   business strategies and financial
   planning, that are usually only
   available to larger companies

• Reduce time spent on basic and

   more complex accounting

   processes, so that businesses can

   focus on the important day-to-day

   running of front-office activities

• Reduce the cost of hiring full-time

   or part-time employees for

   accounting and finance related

   activities (ideal for SMEs)

Why outsource your business processes?

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